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P.A Vietnam is introduced as an ICANN’s official international domain name register by Verisign Group through a conference held by Verisign in cooperation with VCCI.


Ho Chi Minh City – on November 21st, 2014 – Today, Verisign Group in coporation with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has introduced to enterprises: P.A Vietnam is an ICANN’s official international domain name register through a conference called: “Establishing, developing brand and protecting intellectual property in International Commerce: Tendencies and Solutions”.  

The conference is held for small and medium-scaled enterprises that pay attention to a value of online brand identification in international market integration background. The conference has attracted a lot of representatives from corporate associations, small and medium-scaled enterprises and specialists in Intellectual Property (IP) and Brand.

In digitalization period that are changing with very rapid speed as today, establishing online brand indentification is essential to all small and medium-scaled enterprises. Online brand indentification allows brands creating differences against their competitors. Therefore, enterprises have to give care about equipping with full knowledge and profession required in order to establish online brand.

During the conference, many specialists have shared their tendencies and experiances in initializing online brand indentification and highlighting benefits from ownership of proper domain name to enterprises’brand identification. Currently, there are a lot of choices to domain name but .com is still one of the most standard domain names recognized in enterprises’ online brand identification, with 114.9 million reh\gistered around the world until quarter 3 of year 2014.  

At the conference, Mr Huynh Viet Phuong, Director of P.A Vietnam shared: “Selection of proper domain name is the most important decision to enterprises while establishing online brand identification and many of them have selected international domain names like .com managed by Verisign Group that brings customers high stability and confidence”. 


One .com domain name may be bought with a price that is only a very small part of total estanlishment expenses but the worthiest investment, helping cutomers easy to search out enterprises’ online website at any time, even such enterprises are in business at home or abroad. With absolutely stable operation over 15 years, .com is a domain name recommended by international specialists most.

At the conference, VCCI and Verisign emphasized that Vietnamese enterprises who hope to establish their own website, hope to buy new domain names or hope to find out .com domain name, can contact with P.A Vietnam, a domain name provider in Viet Nam by accessing into website  for details

Photos at the conference: 



Customers register the information at P.A Vietnam


Overview of Conference

Mr Nguyen Van Hoc - P.A’ Vietnam s representative presents benefits of domain name to small and medium-scaled enterprises.


 Discussion: Sharing experiences on domain efficient use of name address in brand position


Customers get lucky presents 

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